Cancellations – Our Covid-19 Policy

We want our guests to be reassured that in the event of Coronavirus preventing travel, Burn Cottage Retreat will initiate an extenuating circumstances policy which will allow us to waive some existing booking conditions.  We will hold in credit for 12 months from the date of booking, or, if requested, refund any payment made against the booking, if cancellation is requested under the following circumstances:

  • The New Zealand Government implements regional, national or international travel restrictions due to a Covid-19 outbreak that directly impacts on your ability to travel
  • New Zealand, your point of origin or our location, entering a Level 3 or 4 lockdown
  • The guest’s country of origin implementing travel restrictions that prevent you from travelling
  • The guest(s) returning a positive COVID-19 test with 30 days of your arrival
  • Airline or wholesale cancellation of services due to COVID-19

Cancellations for any other reasons will form part of our normal cancellation policy. 

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